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Where can you travel to?

WanderLAB ican attend events all over the Island. Please provide us with an address of your event when enquiring and we will let you know if we can get WanderLAB to you.

Please note that WanderLAB can only be driven by our own certified driver. Please bear that in mind when booking and it is also important to think of access arrangement for the size of the van.


​How do I book...and do I need a deposit?

To check availability please call/text +34 656 841 033 or email foodtruckwanderlust@gmail.com

Let me know your event, date, and location with address if possible.

.....and Yes! you will need to pay a deposit to secure your date

This will vary Dependant on the event and number of guests.

​When do you serve ice cream at weddings?

This is entirely up to you... it could be as soon as you come out of the church/venue, At Your drinks reception, Whilst your photos are being taken, As a Dessert after your wedding breakfast, or perhaps for your evening celebrations? Whatever you think will best suit your day best.

We can stay longer than the usual 2 hours too if required...all of this can be discussed at the time of booking!

​ ​

Can WanderLAB be more girly and floral?

Yes we do get asked this!

As much as we LOVE Glace as she is... we understand that bunting and florals are needed sometimes!

We can discuss a number of themes with you. Possibly a seaside/nautical look, or a more retro feel.....


Does WanderLAB attend winter events?

She sure does! Maybe not as many as in the summer but yes why not!?

We have lots of yummy HOT puddings that can be served with or without ice cream plus Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows, delicious soups and crusty bread, not forgetting we can offer Cakes, cupcakes, sweets and drinks too. So please don't dismiss WanderLAB just because it's a little cooler!


Is WanderLAB available to use in our Photo shoot/at our Launch party/For a Press PR Promotion? ........ oh and what if we don't need ice cream?

Yes of course! Glace loves to be the centre of attention everywhere not just weddings!

Get in touch and let us know your plans and we will give you a quote... if there is no Ice cream involved then thats fine too. WanderLAB is happy to be a 'prop' for the day!

Do you have a list of Terms and Conditions?

We have put together a PDF document so that you can print out our terms and conditions. Please click here: TERMS


Glace Photo Shoot


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She is available to hire for promotions, weddings, parties, photo shoots and PR on the Island of Mallorca